The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page – Saint Augustine

Looking at the World through your own eyes is something that only you will ever see. You should take advantage of this. People look at things in completely different ways, which represents how differently people look at life. People express their passion for life in different ways and this grows through experiencing new things. Exploring other cultures is a great way to get started on a path towards new creative found adventures. Embracing new cultures is a way of breaking out of your shell and educating yourself.

The excitement of new cultures, discovering new tastes and opening your mind to new things unfolds through travel. This enables people to have a break from everyday life creating amazing memories that no one can ever take away from them. Everyday life can become so tiring and stressful. Travel is good for the body, mind and soul, but unfortunately doctors can’t prescribe holidays.

Travel also helps us appreciate what we’ve got and what we most likely take for granted. Going far helps people understand what they’ve got near. Escaping from your reality recognises this. We can all agree that home comforts are irreplaceable. But through travel you could potentially find a new home.

A new way of living may inspire your own. Travel inspires people to do what they love. New places give people a chance to reflect. This is why people tend to act differently abroad; it feels like a sense of freedom. Doing things that are out of the ordinary helps people spread their wings giving them the confidence to try new things. People often dress differently abroad in hot countries; this is just one example of how people become more confident and relaxed on holiday.

Today, 18 to 25 year olds are travelling more and more. Volunteer work abroad and gap years between college and university have become more popular over the past 25 years. Spending a year exploring new places and new experiences surely should be more educational than anything. Opening people’s eyes to the worlds natural beauty is something than no one can describe, so why not go out and see it? If given the opportunity to travel, take it.


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