The Power of Social Media

You are what you share – C.W. Leadbeater

Social media has now become a part of our culture. With the millions of applications, websites and other platforms, it’s incredible to see how the face of social media has impacted society. Social media has built a platform for people to communicate all over the world. The thought that so many people get their news from social media can be scary.

Many people have a negative attitude towards social media and its influence on today’s generation, rather than focusing on the positivity that it can spread on society. Social media gives us the opportunity to connect with people in an innovative way. Having the freedom to say what we want on the internet makes us feel heard. It can be used to encourage eachother, communicate with people and share interesting stories and views. It gives the general public a voice and the freedom to speak.

Teenagers are among the top users of most social media platforms. The press tend to focus on the negative aspects that are taken from social media, but need to focus more on the good that comes from the increasingly growing platform. Social media has created a format to keep teenagers, as well as adults, engaged and entertained through use of sheer communication. Cyber bullying is going to be a continuous problem within the industry like any other form of bullying with or without the internet. This is why the positives taken from social media need to be expressed!

People can find or fight for a cause using social media. It’s given a sense of power back to the people exploring how social media has become a catalyst of human rights. We have the right to express our views in the way we want to. People abuse this opportunity, but should be encouraged to use it for the good.

Social media has brought the power back to the people. Let’s not waste this opportunity.


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