Music’s Influence

Without music, life would be a mistake – Friedrich Nietzche

Music has the power to influence, motivate and inspire. It influences the way we behave and has the ability to change our moods. We are constantly surrounded by different sounds, and music is just one element of these sounds. Songs have marked generation and specific moments in time. The power of music has influenced the world through time. This is what creates memories for people building a huge emotive response within the industry. People can laugh or cry at different songs, which is what makes them so special. The power of a love song can mark a lifetime with someone.

Technology first began to progress when radio gained popularity in the 20th century. This then lead to the broadcasting and recording of music concerts and videos which developed the industry dramatically. The question is often asked, will the industry die? Piracy has been an ongoing problem throughout the history of music and to this day is still being dealt with gradually. The Music industry generates too much revenue through other means such as TV and touring.

Every known culture has had an influence of music in it which is how different cultures are entwined within songs of today. Indian culture and their music is one of the oldest traditions in the world holding on to the heritage their culture represents. Asian music is still massively popular all over Asia. Music influences the communication between cultures. It touches people on an emotional level which crosses the language barriers.

Music influences any occasion and can influence the activities we participate in. It motivates different aspects of our lives whether in a work environment or even at the gym. Music pushes our bodies and the adrenaline pushes us to work harder. Music influences physiological rhythms of the body which is what influences people to dance in nightclubs for example.

The music industry even influences the fashion industry. This leads to our own physical changes, in particularly younger demographics. Music artists and videos is what influences this generation. The music industry has been seen to glamorise drugs, alcohol and violence with the ‘rock and roll’ lifestyle being seen as one to emulate. This is a negative aspect of the industry, but emphasises the power of the music industry on the young and vulnerable. From a feminist perspective women are represented with sexual objectification which gives young girls a false interpretation of what women stand for. On the other hand, female artists represent self-made, empowered women giving young girls something to look up to.

It’s incredible to see how the music industry has grown and how it influences people and different cultures.

Music can change the world because it can change people – Bono


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