Music Festivals

Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbours into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological wellbeing. In short, they make cities better places to live. – David Binder

Music festivals mark the sound of escapism from reality. The festival season is finally here so why not talk about it? Festivals are a must-do for the summer season creating an experience beyond music. Thousands of people travel from far and wide to attend different festivals bringing such a diverse audience into one. It’s amazing to see so many different kinds of people who all share a passion for the same music.

Festivals have so much more to offer than just music. As well as bringing a variety to every stage you experience the culture of music, stand up comedy, theatre, dance, film, poetry and costume. Festivals provide a more immersive experience than a concert does, which is why they appeal to such a varied audience. Festivals individually have an indescribable effect on everyone. The experience alone is similar to no other, standing as something that is irreplaceable.

Their existence is nothing new, but worldwide music festival’s attendance has skyrocketed in recent years. Festivals are now so popular they practically sell themselves. Tickets are now known to sell out within minutes and it great to see such a popular growing industry within events. These festivals are designed to attach different brands to the experience which creates massive credibility within popular brands.

Each festival has its own character and the music is at the heart of most of them. Having a laugh, drinking a beer and experiencing watching a set from a band is what people love. This illuminates the scraping money together for tickets, nightmare journey, over-priced food, no showers and unpredictable weather. It all becomes a part of the surreal experience. Music unites everyone. Music keeps us going. Festivals are more than music.

Whose ready for this festival season?


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