Inspiration and Influence

People who influence you are the people who believe in you – Henry Drummond

We are continuously impacted by different influences in our lives and it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what really influences us in the first place. Throughout our school life, childhood, teen years and adulthood we learn different things which shape who we are and what we like. Everyone interprets situations differently which is what makes us individual.

Thinking about different things that influence us are often things that inspire us, whether it’s people being recognised for their work, status or even just being a good parent. Different people influence different aspects of our lives. Having different role models to look up to is what impacts the way we behave. Strong characters throughout our childhood influence our opinions initially. This often comes from our parents/families.

Musicians often look up to other fellow musicians. A single landscape can influence an artist. A school teacher can influence a student. A friend can influence another. We all are inspired by different things, but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what motivates us. Travel is another huge influence for people. Seeing different parts of the world and recognising how special and individual they are helps people to find what they want to achieve in life.

Religion is a difficult subject to cover, but not one that should be ignored. Religion saves people, often ones who have perhaps made mistakes in the past. People use religion as a guide and are often introduced to religion from a young age; this often comes from our parents. When religion is reflected in to a child’s background, it’s easy to see why they would abide to it.

Searching for different influences or inspiration is often something that is right in front of us. Bad influences should inspire us to be better and give us something to learn from. It’s good to take positives from any situation that confronts our path. Striving to do the best we can gives us motivation within ourselves. Essentially we are our biggest influence.

I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations – Beatrix Potter


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