Celebrating the British film industry is definitely something of the moment. Steve McQueen’s ’12 years a slave’ won best picture at The Oscars and best film at Bafta this year. Steve McQueen’s hard work and determination shone as he said how ‘he never gave up’ at the ceremony. This created an emotive response from his friends, family and fans. Steve McQueen is just one inspiring example of British cinema and why it should be celebrated. Being a British company, we support Bafta and feel proud when seeing all of Britain’s accomplishments across the board.

Film is one of the most popular digital mediums and is continuously credited as influencing people all over the world. Film is used to entertain, inform and educate people in an entirely distinctive fashion through its variety of genre. The film industry generates one of the highest gross profits of any industry of today, validating its popularity and fame.

Film is passed through out different forms of media giving people common interests within society. This is what generates high profile for different films through different types of advertising. The careful construction and hard work that goes in to film is incredible and is completely understated. This couldn’t happen without the dedication of fans that follow film and cinema.

Social realism is something that has been entwined throughout film since the 1960s. The realistic approach that has been introduced through different films is what has educated and influenced people today. By representing today’s topical issues within film, it helps engage different audiences, as well as demonstrates the different social issues of our contemporary society. Its appeal is generated through the way stories are glamorised within the production and post production.

Having an interest in film/cinema is a common trend which almost everyone enjoys. It’s an affordable interest to keep up with that involves as many people as you want. beFriend is a great way of finding new film buddies and sharing specific genres that you like. Don’t be afraid to get involved because you may make yourself a friend for life.


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