Enjoying Our Free Time

If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax. – Christian Louboutin

The grass is finally speckled with Daisy’s and the sun has finally got its hat on. Summer is in reaching distance and aren’t we ready for it. After a long winter, it feels so nice to feel the hot sun shining on our faces. With the weather increasingly becoming better, it seems a shame to waste our time off so why not make the most of it? There are so many things people can do, for free, to have fun in their spare time.

Everyone looks forward to bank holiday weekend. It reminds us of the excitement school holidays used to bring, three or four days off where we can do what we want. People need time off from our busy lives and its great every so often having a long weekend off. With Easter Bank holiday just gone, it feels good to have a fresh way of thinking after time with ourselves, to do as we please.

Getting involved with your community is a great way to meet new people and participate in new things. A free way of socialising and helping others through a variety of different activities can only be a positive thing if you’re looking for new things to do. Summer opens up so many more options for us to do, so it’s important to make the most of it. Becoming active in new ways that we enjoy is healthy for the body, mind and soul.

A trip to the beach is a must this summer. Bringing a holiday to our home for the day is always a great experience with great weather, although sandy sandwiches are one to avoid. The beach brings something for everyone. If you just want to relax and sunbathe you can. Water sports are available. Beach games, such as volley ball or bat and ball are always great things to do as a group. A particular favourite of mine is if there are seaside funfair games along the pier. The beach is great for families, friendship groups and couples.

Walks sometimes can feel like a bit of a drag. Once you get past that you will realise how nice it is going on a summers day walk. Nature looks so beautiful in the summer with all the bright colours surrounding and it’s also good exercise! Walking can be made in to a day of it, going to places such as Lulworth Cove which has incredible scenery.

Thinking of fun things to do can become difficult, but it’s actually easy and cheap to do if you want it to be. Making things enjoyable is about the company you’re in, not the money you’re spending! Enjoy new things for free while you have the chance with the people you love spending time with.


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