Fathers Day

My Father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. – Jim Valvano

Fathers Day was originally created to complement Mothers Day. People are often reluctant to conforming to this ‘made up day’. Mothers day fuels 75% more spending than Fathers Day. Sometimes we forget to show our dads how much we love them, but it’s never forgotten. People celebrate Fathers day to honour our fathers and celebrate their fatherhood. Why shouldn’t that be something to celebrate?

A son’s hero and daughters first love. It’s one of the most important jobs of all. A Father is one of the biggest influences in their child’s life and has now become a positive influence for society. There’s no way of defining what a Father should be as there are so many roles a Father conforms to. It’s important to sometimes let our dads know how much we appreciate them, as it doesn’t take much.

Having a positive relationship with your Father is something special. No one can ever understand the relationship between a Father and his child as it’s often unbreakable. We need to count ourselves lucky if we have a Father in our lives and to appreciate it more often than not. Having a role model by your side throughout the journey that life takes you on is irreplaceable. Knowing your dad will never let you down is a great feeling and we should count ourselves lucky if we have that.

Let’s make sure we never let our dads down.


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